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Diagnostic Service

Ekbalpur Nursing Home has a 24*7 Diagnostic service inside the nursing home. The diagnostic department is taken care by a dedicated team of radiologists, pathologist, microbiologist and bio-chemists resulting in accurate diagnosis of patient leading to proper treatment. State of the art equipment is used within the diagnostic department to cater to varied needs of patients.


A 24 Hours X Ray service is provided by a high end 300 MA X Ray machine. Portable X Ray machines are also available to provide bed-side X Ray. the reporting is done by able radiologists and sincere technician who perform to produce a high end image quality around the clock.

Ultrasonography & Echocardiography with Colour Doppler

We have high end USG machines to perform USG on regular basis. Abdominal, small parts and Foetal USG is performed by renowned sonologists in the city. We also provide portable USG at bedside. A high end Colour Doppler with cardiac and linear probes helps to perform Echocardiography as well as peripheral and other doppler study. The tests are performed by eminent cardiologists to assess right cardiac condition. Portable Echocardiography and Colour Doppler is also performed for non ambulatory patients.

CT Scan

A 24 Hours round the clock CT Scan is performed by state of the art machine (GE Sytec 1800i). CT Scan is performed day and night to meet the emergency head injury patients.

Holter Monitoring

Holter monitoring is regularly done by appointment. Reporting is done by eminent cardiologists.

EEG (Electroencephalogram)

EEG or Electroencephalogram is regularly done and reporting is done by eminent neurologist. Portable EEG is also done.

EMG/NCV (Electromyography/ Nerve conduction velocity)

EMG/ NCV tests are regularly done by appointment and reporting is done by eminent neurologist.


Gastroscopoy as well as colonoscopy is regularly performed by senior gastroenterologist and provisional report is produced immediately for early diagnosis. Final report comes with videoscopy film.


The 24 hours Pathology performs all types of biochemical and pathological tests including Blood Gas analysis and histopathology. The pathology has high end equipment like biochemistry analyzers, electrolyte analyzers and blood gas analyzers etc. The team consists of able pathologists, biochemist as well as sincere technician to perform all tests and produce accurate results. We also perform emergency tests throughout the day and night to meet the needs of an emergency patient.

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