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Department of Gastroenterology

The department of Gastroenterology at Ekbalpur Nursing Home provides patients with the most advanced level of medical and surgical care, primarily focused on safe and proven treatment of disorders related to the gastrointestinal tract. We have a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced surgeons, gastroenterologists, digestive disease specialists, interventional endoscopists, hepatologists, radiologists, intensivists, pathologists, oncologists, anaesthetists, technicians, counsellors and specialised nurses, who strive to offer optimal patient care at every step of the way. They follow a patient-centric approach to offer comprehensive treatment for the management of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases related to oesophagus, stomach, intestines, and rectum, liver, gall bladder & Pancreas

We offer exceptional, state-of-the-art facilities at our advanced endoscopic procedure unit. Our resources include the latest in endoscopic equipment and minimally invasive techniques for the management of a broad spectrum of diseases, including:

To offer the highest level of personalised consultative and longitudinal digestive health care to cater to the unique medical needs of each patient. We provide dedicated inpatient and outpatient care to patients suffering from GI diseases. Our surgeons perform advanced diagnostic tests and screenings utilising cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, medical therapies, and advanced endoscopy procedures.

Our goal is to offer our patients with the latest in expert patient-centric, safe, efficient and accurate care using cutting-edge treatment approaches. Our doctors are available 24X7 for providing emergency care to help you maintain and improve your quality of life.

We also have a dedicated ICU and ultra-modern endoscopic suites that are fully equipped with advanced imaging techniques and life-supporting equipment to help patients requiring immediate care for various Gastrointestinal (GI) emergencies.

The Gastroenterology Diseases also offers a Bariatric Surgery Program for weight loss management and effectively treating severe obesity. We are committed to treating each patient under our care with compassion, care, and medical excellence. Our doctors also provide the most comprehensive after surgery care to manage chronic conditions, with optimal results.

Interventional Gastroenterology

Our team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex digestive diseases and ailments with the use of latest technology to offer hi-tech facilities like endoscopy, colonoscopy etc. Our team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex digestive diseases and ailments with the use of latest technology to offer hi-tech facilities like endoscopy, colonoscopy, cholangioscopy etc.


We also offer treatment for various GI diseases that can affect anyone irrespective of their age and gender. This involves the complete digestive tract starting from the pharynx to the anus and includes both medical and surgical treatments.

Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Our specialists are well-efficient to handle the most complicated cases of gastrointestinal bleeding or gastrointestinal haemorrhage which is marked by traces of blood in the stools and vomit. The use of highly advanced technology helps us to pin-point the problem with much more efficiency thereby helping us to facilitate better treatment.


It is the sub-speciality of gastroenterology that deals with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of ailments related to the liver, gallbladder and the pancreas by the use of highly comprehensive techniques that help to deliver unparalleled results.

Advanced Endoscopy

It is a very advanced, non-invasive procedure that involves the use of a special device, known as an endoscope, to examine a person’s digestive tract. We at Ekbalpur Nursing Home offer the facility of advanced endoscopy that can help to detect even minute abnormalities that nor not easily detectable.

Management of Pancreatic biliary Disorders and Cancers

Treatment of pancreatic ailments and cancers requires a very high degree of specialization and our team has been very successful with the same. We offer all kinds of treatment and health-care assistance for patients suffering from chronic Pancreaticobiliary disorders and cancers.

Our Specialist Doctors

Dr N. P. Bahidar
Dr P. K. Mishra
Dr Subrata Pal

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