I was admitted at Ekbalpur Nursing Home with complains of acute diarrhoea on 27th March 2020. During the periods of Covid 19, I was almost rejected by many of the local hospitals near VIP Road and finally Dr. Siddhartha Purkayastha, Director of Ekbalpur Nursing Home was more than glad to offer me treatment. My situation was quite critical on arrival to Ekbalpur Nursing Home and I would only imagine the consequences if the support of Dr. Siddhantha Purkayastha and Mr. Gautam Purkayastha was not available at that very moment. In addition to the ongoing ailment, it was also figured out that a large gall stone had developed and needed an immediate surgical intervention. Within 4 days, I was successfully operated through Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and cured. Any words of gratitude would be less enough, towards the care, clinical depth, attention by para-medic personnel and above all the budgeted costs of treatment